Pet Waste Bags, 180 Count, 12 Refill Rolls13 Gallon Food Scrap Bags / Liner Bagsm-200 CountShopping Bags | 500 Count | 20 Lbs Capacity| Standard SizeProduce Bags | Green | 14" x 18" |15 lbs Capacity3 Gallon Food Scrap Bags / Liner Bags -100 Count

100% Certified

Compostable Products

Our products are 100% certified compostable, and biodegradable. They are healthy, safe, low on carbon, renewable, and planet-friendly, thus great for replacing plastics in locations with plastic bans.

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With over 20 years of experience, OrangeBio is a leading biotech researcher and manufacturer of 100% compostable plant-based resins and private-label consumer products. We have dozens of independent brands, including OrangeBio and GreenEco.

We aim to help industries switch to renewable, sustainably sourced biopolymers, which continue the versatility of plastics without the physical waste and toxic ingredients.

GreenEco Resins

We aim to advance high-quality bio resin blends made from food-grade, plant-based materials to design and produce stronger, more flexible single-use plastic alternatives. Such as, shopping bags, produce bags, household and animal waste bags, drinking straws, take-out cutleries and containers, 3D printed items and more.

Biodegradable, compostable, pollution-free

Our bioresin blends are backed by 20 years of research and development plus a wide range of patents and certifications.

OrangeBio holds 20+ patents, and our products are certified 100% compostable by the DIN CERTCO certification of EN13432 standard, BPI certification of ASTM D6400 standard, and TUV Austria home and industrial composting, and others.

GreenEco Bio Resins

Film Extrusion / Blow-molding

Designed for a variety of applications, our resins can become strong, flexible shopping bags, produce bags, kitchen and yard waste bags, general packaging, agricultural cover films......

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Injection Molding Grade

GreenEco injection molding bioresins are suitable for a variety of molding processes and machinery. They have excellent mechanical properties.

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Sheet Extrusion Grade

GreenEco sheet extrusion bioresins are designed for commonly used thermoplastic operations and engineered for the higher viscosities required by extrusion processes.

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3D Printing Grade

GreenEco 3D printing bioresins are tailored for direct processing into final products. They feature high moisture resistance, low shrinkage, and good colouring performance.

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OrangeBio for HOSPITALITY assortment includes a wide variety of food waste bags, sacks, and liners. We offer larger quantities packaged in cases suitable for municipalities, commercial kitchens, wholesalers, and institutions.

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OrangeBio offers the widest assortment of compostable products on the market including an extensive assortment of retail products. They protect the safety, quality, and freshness of our products, extend their shelf life, and limit food waste.

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OrangeBio helps industries switch to renewable, sustainably sourced biopolymers, which continue the versatility of plastics without the physical waste and toxic ingredients

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Waste Management

Using our bags and sacks to collect and compost organic waste helps complete the natural cycle by returning much-needed nutrients to the environment.

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The proven biodegradability in soil, allows the use of OrangeBio mulch film to be a genuine contribution to a better environment. Our Film is biodegradable in soil and has an average life span of 1 – 24 months, depending on the climate and temperatures.

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Dog Park

OrangeBio pet waste bags are made from a resin derived from plant based compostable polymers, great for turning your pet’s doodie into rich fertilizer.

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100% Compostable

Upcycled & Renewable